August 10th, 2009

Company Profile

s2i Pty Ltd is an Australian based independent consulting company with expertise in the following fields:

  • Security Intelligence
  • Intelligence Training
  • Security Risk Management
  • Strategic Security Management
  • We assist organisations, corporate and government, to unlock and add value to the security management system through the intelligent application, management and integration of the security functions with environment, health and safety, community relations and general business functions.

    s2i is supported by a network of national and international associates and is committed to delivering professional outcomes appropriate to client need and in accordance with global best practice.

    Projects Undertaken

    s2i has undertaken projects for clients in the mining & energy, humanitarian aid and law enforcement sectors. Some recent projects have included:

    As part of a multi-disciplinary team successfully conduct a major investigation into industrial sabotage in the mining sector.

    Developed and delivered intelligence training for a range of clients both in Australia and overseas.

    Completed various security risk analysis projects for the energy sector.

    Undertook a review of potential diamond anti-smuggling initiatives on behalf of MSI/USAID in Sierra Leone.

    In partnership with the UN and Government of Sierra Leone reviewed strategic oversight of the national diamond industry then in partnership with the Sierra Leone Police established a Precious Minerals Intelligence and Investigations Unit.

    Undertaken security intelligence and threat analysis projects for major resource sector companies.

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