August 10th, 2009



s2i Pty Ltd specialises in delivering intelligence driven, risk managed security solutions to private sector and government organisations.

Convergence is occurring in the security environment notably in the disciplines of intelligence, risk management, physical security and surveillance with non-security disciplines including environment, occupational health and safety and the broader domain of governance. s2i operates at the forefront of this convergence.

s2i is able to assist companies to manage their security environment and transform the security function, from a line item cost to a business value add.

s2i specialises in the delivery of the following services to clients:

Intelligence Capacity Building. s2i delivers the full suite of security intelligence products from:

Determination of intelligence needs,
Creation of an intelligence function,
Training in intelligence methodology and analysis,
Oversight and audit of the intelligence function.
Mentoring support for intelligence staff and intelligence end users.

Practical Intelligence Analysis Training. This course provides the relevant knowledge, understanding and practical intelligence skills to deliver an effective intelligence capacity.

CCTV Surveillance. s2i will assist clients to fully integrate security and surveillance functions through the application of proven intelligence methodologies and systems including:.

Intelligence led CCTV Surveillance Training.

Executive Mentoring. s2i recognises that the key to developing effective security systems is the development of appropriate security culture. s2i provides a management mentoring service for the senior executive and middle management to assist cultural change and security integration.

Security Risk Management. s2i in partnership with the client will deliver security risk management support by;

Determination of the nature of the security environment,
Determination of the nature and identity of the threat,
Identification of client vulnerability,
Identification of risk exposure,
In collaboration with the client, delivery of risk mitigation and management solutions.

Security Audit. s2i provides a comprehensive security audit function for clients on request.

Technology Solutions. s2i is able to assist clients to procure and implement software solutions for security, intelligence, risk, management and analysis.

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